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Restaurant chatbot: Learn the menu, ask the prices or book a table.

Frequently asked questions

Customer’s Hero is a chat-bot for small businesses. In cooperation with you, we set up and support a personalized chat-bot. This way you can serve your customers 24×7.

Why not? The technology is available and affordable for anyone. Every business has a virtual presence – eg. facebook page. It’s easy for your clients to text you – especially during Non-Business Hours… Customer’s Hero is online 24×7, answering questions and working on the tasks we trained it to. This way you offer better and faster services, while we save productive time for your business.

Examples of questions that the cha-bot handles:

  • What are your business hours?
  • Show me your catalog/products.
  • I want to order these shoes.
  • Can I pay with a card?
  • Can i make/change a reservation?
    What is my order status?


Or more generic questions:

  • How can Ι register as a member?
  • Tell me more about you.
  • How can I find more info about…


Customer’s Hero automates standard day-to-day operations, leaving more time for you to do what your business is really about. Tasks such as making reservations, recording new orders, following up orders, questions about products, promoting offers, can all be automated and performed on the perfect timing.

Customer’s Hero is dynamic and adjusts based on your needs. Examples of business are:

  • Retail shops: user authentication, order placement, reminders to pay
  • Ecommerce: product search, order placement, tracking orders, product promoition
  • Services: booking, reminders
  • Supply chain: tracking orders

No. Customer’s Hero can reply to specific questions asked to an organization. Examples may include the following:

  • City councils (Bids, events, demographic data, councils members)
  • Organizations (info on the organization, search for info, frequently asked questions)
  • Clubs (how to register, registration/ member subscription, benefits, requirements, applications)

In Customer’s Hero we train your chat-bot to answer the specific questions you have to deal with. During this stage, the business-owner contribution is crucial. Then, during use, the chat-bot is trained dynamically through user interaction and we make sure to keep it up to date with the latest answers. 

  1. A personalized assistant will save a lot of working hours each day from you or your personel. Thus you can focus your energy on what you really love to do.
  2. Most of us communicate through chat. This can be time consuming for any of us, but Customer’s Hero can do it automatically on your behalf.
  3. The cool factor: make you business stand out!

The pricing plan is dynamic, starting from a couple of euros/month. The final cost is a function of daily users and the number of tasks the chat-bot is trained to perform.

In Customer’s Hero we offer a complete set of services:

  • Setting up a chat-bot based on your needs.
  • Integrate it with your existing applications (website, messenger, viber, etc.)
  • Train the chat-bot to new questions.
  • Monitor the service to be always on.

Customer’s Hero is implemented once and then integrated to various applications: messenger, instagram, viber, whatsApp, website.